That’s Why It’s Called a Schedule

News flash: Presidents do a lot of things at once! That’s why they are the President of the United States and not, say, Sarah Palin.  They are supposed to be smart, dedicated, and organized enough, and have a substantial staff with all of those same attributes, so that they can tackle a variety of issues.

And yet, as you hear the Republicans, and increasingly media personalities like dumb-ass (sorry, but he really is) Mark Halperin, tell it, Obama should push all issues to the side that are not specifically related to making the stock market rebound.  Because, in another media meme, the stock market is the most important thing ever, that everyone in the world cares about.  Okay, the stock market is important.  There’s a lot of money and value tied up there.  But — I’ve always wanted to say this — I live in small town America.  And the people here aren’t having trouble sleeping at night because their investments are tanking.  They are having trouble sleeping because they can’t find a job, or because they’re healthcare bills are sky high.  They are also, as far as I can tell, aware that no one, not even Barack Obama, can solve thirty years worth of systemic economic problems in fifty days.

It’s ironic that the media is so concered that Obama hasn’t solved every problem facing America yet, when you consider that just a year ago they were sure he didn’t have the cojones to beat Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Primary.  But he did.  And then six months ago they didn’t think he’d be able to beat John McCain in the general.  But he did.  So all of a sudden, with their conventional wisdom askew, they would like Obama to turn into a demi-god and fix everything.

With these things in mind, I’ll point you to a takedown of Eric “Stem-Cells are Distracting” Cantor over at Think Progress and a Sam Stein article at the Huffington Post, in which Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood schools his fellow Republican party members for being so dense.

LaHood on the socialism charges:

In an interview with the Huffington Post, LaHood, one of the few Republican members of the Obama administration, scoffed at the recent talking points emanating from the congressional leaders of his own party. His voice rising at times with emotion, the transportation czar tackled first the notion that the president was a socialist in disguise.

“I don’t agree with it,” LaHood said. “If you go out and interview these people working on this road in Maryland… these people are thrilled. They are thrilled that they are working in March on a good paying job building roads, which is what they were trained to do. That’s going to be happening all over America. So the idea that this is socialism — it is not socialism, it is economic development. It is going to provide an economic engine around communities all over American for jobs; good paying jobs; and help people pay their bills. I don’t call that socialism…. We are the model for the world when it comes to infrastructure. We are the model for the interstate system. I don’t call that socialism. Our $40 billion [for the Department of Transportation]: not socialism. It is good paying jobs that is going to drive the economies in a lot of states and a lot of communities.”

Duh.  In the end, Republicans are running scared because they are neither winning the message war nor are they accomplishing anything on the policy front.  They’re bankrupt and fighting and altogether out of it. Why the media has decided to pick up their broken talking points is beyond me.


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