Larry Kudlow Drops Out

Larry Kudlow quashed all the rumors that he might run for Senate next year against incumbent Connecticut Democrat Chris Dodd, claiming that he never really considered the possiblity anyway.

I was sort of giggling at the prospect of a Kudlow-Dodd matchup the other day, when I was watching some report on MSNBC about folks in Congress taking smallish campaign contributions from banks that received TARP funds.  Someone said that the Republicans would try to run against Dodd on this point; i.e. Chris Dodd is a rich man who took money from failed banks and other rich people and doesn’t care about the little guy.  Which I guess would work in some places, but not really in Connecticut and certainly not if his opponent was Larry Kudlow, he of the market-shilling on CNBC.

The Times piece on Kudlow also mentions Chris Matthews, who was reportedly mulling a run against Arlen Spector in Pennsylvania. Which points to how hard — and perhaps unwise — it is to go from a high-profile journalism gig to running for office.  People go from media to advisory positions on campaigns or in politics all the time, and vice-versa, but the situation is slightly different. There’s a large body of evidence about your views, and you have a soap box from which to speak every day.  That’s hard to square with the tight-lipped, almost duplicitous, of campaign messaging.


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