Nerd Alert

The NYT had a little blurb yesterday assessing whether or not nasal irrigation can help prevent sinus pressure and/or ease allergies.  They basically end up by saying, yes, nasal irrigation should help those symptoms.  I wish there was a chance to leave a comment, because boy do I have good things to say about my nasal rinse.

I have really bad sinuses, inherited from both of my parents.  My life has been an endless series of sinus infections and colds — until I started using nasal rinse.  Since I began using it once a day (NeilMed suggests twice-a-day for best results, but I’ve been find with the one) I haven’t gotten a cold or a sinus infection, even through the winter.  A few times I thought I might be coming down with something, but nothing ever developed further than a slight scratch in my throat.

Now, that’s not to say I’m completely cured.  I have a lot of mucus (TMI? sorry) and don’t blow my nose a lot.  And I don’t believe I’ll never get a cold or a sinus infection again.  But to have reduced the severity and frequency of illness so much is huge.  Really, nasal irrigation has changed my life more definitively than any single factor I can think of.

Here’s to nasal rinse! And an extra cheers for Dr. Mehta!


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