Thanks, Lostpedia

I would like to take a moment to give a shout out to the Lost blogging community. Silly? Perhaps.  But a trip over to Lostpedia gave me the warm and fuzzies, for much the same reason that the first Lost-blogging of Season 5 did — it’s wonderful to recognize that you are part of a community, no matter how intangible or geeky it is.  We are all looking for fellow travelers — in love, in friends, in career, what have you — and it is well worth remembering that in our digital age, some of the most fulfilling communities evolve between people who have never met.

Lostpedia has made a request for comments about a proposed change to how it numbers episodes of Lost.  There is a detailed explanation of the proposal, the potential effects, and a review of the good and bad that the change would entail.  They ask that Lostpedia readers weigh in on the matter.

My initial thought was, who cares? But then I realized that I would have wondered if they’d made the change without notice, and I do appreciate the call for comment.

Sure, it’s an esoteric issue.  But it’s reminder that for all of the worrying people have done through the years that the Internet would usher in an age in which we don’t care to make meaningful connections, we are instead capable of building bridges that would otherwise have never been possible.


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