Libby’s Dead. Get Over It

At the risk of branding myself as the worst kind of obsessive fan — who not only writes two posts in a row about her favorite show, but admits also to having watched the Oceanic 6 clip show from last night in lieu of a new episode — I feel there are a few compelling tidbits from the clip show, and from a recent interview with Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof that are worth addressing.

First of all, the clip show was pretty unexciting.  I’m not entirely sure how much of the voice-over content should be considered canon, but in the event we can say it is canon, there was a revelation that cleared up a lingering question of mine: in the retelling of Christian’s funeral, Claire’s mother approaches Jack to tell him that Claire was Jack’s sister — the voice over claims that the reveal shocked both Jack and Kate.

I wasn’t sure about this one and have expressed my skepticism that Kate was aware Jack was Aaron’s uncle.  Well, no big surprise to come: Jack shared the intel with Kate off-camera. I was wrong.

Secondly, has a good interview with Damon and Carlton, in which they answered another lingering fan question, as well as gave insight into the way they treat a lot of non-essential fan questions:

BullzEye: Will we ever find out why Libby was in the mental institution and if she knew Hurley pre-island?

Carlton Cuse: No, we feel like we resolved Libby’s fate, and for the fans that are still obsessing about Libby, maybe at some point someone will write sort of a “Star Wars”-like novel about the story of Libby, but we don’t consider that to be a major story thread for us.

Count me among the fan base that wondered if there was more of Libby’s story to tell.  How, after all, did she end up being the one to give Desmond her boat for his trip around the world?  But I understand that it’s one of those questions that pales in comparison to the bigger issues on the show, and I can’t say I’m all that upset about this. I didn’t really mind seeing Libby go, except that it made Hurley very upset.  I’m glad to see it’s resolved here for us — because we really all have a lot more to worry about.

Season Five’s been heavy on the answers, but seems also to be bringing up a ton of questions — only Lost could make you wonder about something that wasn’t even an issue in the beginning of the show. “What lies in the shadow of the statue?” Really? Who’s Bram? Why does Daniel Faraday have an American accent but his mother has a British one?

Okay.  Four more episodes to go this season, before a long eight-month hiatus.  I’m already fretting for such a long break.


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