The Ambusher Becomes the Ambushed

Oh dear.

You may have seen a few of the Bill O’Reilly ambushes in the news lately.  He gets his producer to stake out people at the homes (or follow them on their vacations) who have upset or bothered him.  O’Reilly claims the people he ambushes have declined to come on the show to speak their case, so the Factor must go to them for comment.  It’s become apparently that O’Reilly extends no such offers to these folks, and they end up being show on air (sometimes with their kids present) looking stupid/flustered/confused/what have you.

The guy who performs the ambushes is named Jesse Waters.  Most recently he snuck into a GE shareholder’s meeting (pretending to be a shareholder and neglecting to mention that he was from Fox News) and made a lot of unsubstantiated claims that NBC (which is owned by GE) airs hate speech and other nonsense.

So Gawker decided to level the playing field but ambushing Waters’ home.  I say — hooray! No luck yet in getting any video, but they are asking their readers to provide as much intel on this douchebag as possible.  To get readers started, they provide a small bio of Waters, which unfortunately revealed that he and I share an alma mater, Trinity College.

Oh dear. Well, I should have seen that coming.  Trinity breeds a lot of rich, white, Republican douchebags.  I don’t know Waters personally (he graduated a few years before me) but I’m sure I know twenty-five people just like him.  What a shame.  Need I remind you that Tucker Carlson also spent some time ‘neath the elms of dear old Trinity, although he never procured a degree (from Trinity or any other college).

I should point out, however, and make very clear, that I love Trinity. I had a wonderful four years there, full of the ups and down that inevitably result in any college setting.  Whether I made the right or the wrong decision to go, I came away with an interesting look on life and lifelong, wonderful friends.  To think of life any other way is impossible.

Not to mention that there are hundreds, nay, thousands, of Trinity graduates who are in the world doing good work, and not turning into ambushers of innocent, intelligent people for Mr. Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity.


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