Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks

Days like this are the kind political junkies like myself live for.  I had to squeeze a quick post about Specter’s party switch into a busy day because this is huge.

It’s a good day to be a Democrat.  Details on chairmanships and other issues to come, I’m sure, although I heard on the radio that he’s already said he won’t vote for EFCA. I have trouble believing that, given how hard that would make (with or without full DSCC support) it to win the Democratic primary next year. They’re saying they won’t seat a Democratic primary opponent, but I expect there are quite a full angry Pennsylvania Dems today, folks hoping to take this seat next November.

The best part about it is knowing that the Repubs did this to themselves.  Their numbers will dwindle, until those that are left are standing around saying: “Where did everyone go?”


One response to “Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks

  1. I agree, I think it is very big. Scary in that there is no real opposition party – just a bunch of crazies. the scary thing is those crazies could take power one day.

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