Cokie’s Convential Wisdom

Apparently it’s hip to be a Cokie Roberts hater today (see Shafer’s initial takedown here, Orr concurring here, and Balloon Juice jumping in for fun here).  Well, I’m pre-hip, because I’ve been a Cokie Roberts hater for a long time.  And I can pin point the exact moment that I popped a vein in my forehead over her asinine commentary.

It was during an episode of This Week, in the thick of the primary between Clinton and Obama.   The details of the conversation elude me. But I recall distinctly Cokie making some point about how young people weren’t going to come out and vote in the general for Obama, so the party would do better to hurry up and elect Clinton in the primary.  All those old folks and their voting record, you know.

I was in the living room eating breakfast.  I jumped up from the couch and started screaming, and probably called Cokie an idiot…or worse.  Then of course there was the time — which I’m sure you remember — that she said Obama should have chosen a less exotic place than Hawaii to go on vacation. Oy.

I’ve become a lot more reserved about her lately, as I have with all of the usual suspects Stephanopoulos has on the show every Sunday.  Now I tend to look at the screen and calmly note to Dave that I’m glad we’ll be hearing a bunch of people say the same wrong things they’ve been saying for twenty years.

Don’t even get me started on George Will.

The conversation on the show in 2000, that Christopher Orr posted about, between Cokie and Sam Donaldson (who usually manages to bring This Week to new levels of inanity), is really something.  It’s sad proof that these folks don’t care about the issues. They care about caring about the issues. And hearing themselves talk.


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