Preview: “The Incident”


Tonight.  Needless to say the Lost universe is brimming with excitement, and a little sadness, over this penultimate season finale.  Who’s to say what will happen?  I’m leaning toward something in line with Therese Odell’s theory (over at Tubular, see The Blog Log), where the two timelines sync up because they open some sort of pocket of energy. Or something.  Perhaps they call get sent back to 1937, in a twist.

I just feel like there are some things left to do.  Hurely really should record the numbers over a radio transmission (so Sam Toomey and Leonard Nims can hear it during World War II, leading to Hurley’s lottery win, and so forth).  Obviously Juliet, Sawyer, and Kate need to get off the sub (although the preview for the episode really answered that question).

I’m also curious to see what Locke is all about.  It’s looking more and more likely that Richard Alpert is a bad guy.  Holding the Island hostage?  Is Jacob a false god and Locke is there to free the Island and live by its true calling? Or should things stay the way they are and Locke is going to unleash a devilish beast by listening to what the Island is telling him?  I guess it comes down to whether the Island is good or evil, and what side of that divide Richard is on.  All this time we’ve felt strongly that Richard knew inherently the nature of the Island (good) and was doing its bidding (good).  Now, it seems more likely  that the Island is good and Richard is bad or the Island is bad and Richard is good.  Then again, that may be a false dichotomy and I’m barking up the wrong tree.

It seems to me that Richard is of the same nature as a resurrected Locke.  I suspect that he came to the Island dead (on the Black Rock?) and came back to life when the ship crashed on the Island (with first mate Magnus Hanso).  And you can’t age regularly once you’ve been resurrected. . . . But if that were the case, I’d have thought Richard would have been able to recognize Locke’s “purpose” more clearly in “Follow the Leader.”  So maybe Richard is of a completely different nature, something we haven’t seen yet.  But why just him?

And where did Ellie, Widmore, et al. come from?  They’re 17, speaking English with aristocratic British accents, in 1954.  They both manage to reconnect seamlessly (to our knowledge) with the outside world at some point (Widmore we know was exiled in the early 1990s, after the Purge;  Ellie’s departure date is unclear).  So how did they end up on the Island and how did they turn out to be the leaders of the Others? And when did Ellie give birth to Daniel? Post-Island?  That would explain a lot.

For instance, if Jughead is detonated in 1977, does that contribute to the problem the Others have with pregnancy?  The radiation? Or does Jughead not go off in 1977 and so the pregnancy issue is unrelated, either pre-1977 or post? There’s been some speculation that Jughead doesn’t go off until 2004, when Desmond turns the fail safe key (imploding the hatch and launching him into his 1994 consciousness), but I think that’s unlikely. Or not. Who knows.

Whatever happens, I can’t wait.  But as soon as it’s over, we’ll all be waiting — for 10 months.  That’s a depressing rejoinder to all of the excitement and speculation, isn’t it?

Update: I’m working on a long post with theories, etc. But it’s taking a while to gel correctly in my brain.  And I seem to be on the losing side of a lot of post-season theories, so we’ll see.


One response to “Preview: “The Incident”

  1. ejohnson9000

    omg omg…we need to discuss! i can’t believe all of this with jacob…the connection to past seasons and all of that was really amazing. and i was absolutely bawling with what happened at the swan…

    ps, i have always wondered why they called it the swan, since that seems really random. i’ve been reading about the connections with the black swan theory, but i’m not sure i totally understand all that. very interesting though.

    pps, i am such a lost loser that i actually pulled out my old copy of the Odyssey because i wanted to read it again after all of the connections in Lost. I was excited to see it come up again in this ep. When i’m done with this i’m going on to Ulysses, then maybe a few more of the referenced books, just cause i’m a nerd.

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