Portland Defends Itself

Or rather, Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) steps up to the plate with a rebuttal to George Will’s cranky anti-Portland, anti-change, pro-heartland, pro-Caterpillar column:

In his article, Mr. Will proves that he is mired in a one-dimensional past, one that the city of Portland has successfully overcome. He opposes policies that will provide Americans with more choices while saving them money, creating jobs and protecting the environment. In Portland we have been able to increase productivity, boost our economy, and invest in our city’s resources by taking a well-rounded approach to transportation. Secretary LaHood shares this comprehensive view on transportation options for our nation—its not about behavior modification its about giving Americans the freedom to choose more than just the highway or byway.

Emphasis from Yglesias.  Who also points out that Newsweek’s going to have to deal with, eventually, Will’s big fat error about how many people America could ever possibly hope to bike to work being 40 times less than how many people in America currently do bike to work.


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