Bitter Much?

Dave has requested that I post his response to David Brooks’ column in the Times today, since hours have gone by and his comment has not posted.  For your reading pleasure:

I didn’t think intellectual bankruptcy could be presented in such a sophiticated, high-minded manner — complete with historical references to Nazi Germany and cossacks. (As well as a dated pop-culture movie reference to Braveheart for good measure, just to show that David hasn’t gotten out of touch with “real America.”)

The fact is that Brooks must resort to saracasm, because his argument doesn’t have a well-reasoned leg to stand on.

Like every other apoplectic conservative in the country, he is complaining about Obama fulfilling his campaign promises. With no ability to mount resistance in Congress, and without being able to praise the President for doing what the American people elected him to do, for fear of being lambasted by Cheney and Limbaugh, conservatives really only have one option left: whine about the President’s progess in solving our nation’s problems.

I will give it to Brooks, there is a bit of novelty in the writing. It is the most pretentious, over wrought piece in the genre to date. But the fact is that until the conservative ‘movement’ can present a legitimate alternative to the President’s vision, all they can do is whine. (I use the word movement loosely, the only sign of movement on the right is the wobble of Cheney, Limbaugh, and Gingrich’s jowels.)

Like a young child who just cannot accept that they’ve lost the argument, Brooks has no recourse but to sarcastically mimic the President’s words.

I comment only to note that it’s spelled jowls, not jowels.

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