The Good News and the Bad News

The Huffington Post informs me that “The Rachel Maddow Show” is the only cable news show to be nominated for a TV Critics’ Award.  She’s up against “Frontline,” “60 Minutes,” “We Shall Remain” and “The Alzheimer’s Project.”  My hope is that Rachel will take the cake, because what she does on television every night is vastly different than what anyone else is up to.  And I’m proud to say that we’ve been watching her since before she had her own show, and have always been big fans.  More than once I’ve turned to Dave and remarked how unique her programming is.

In the same article about the nominations for TV Critics’ awards I’ve discovered that “Lost” is in the running for Program of the Year.  Hooray! It’s wonderful to see “Lost” being recognized again (it’s been awhile since the Emmy’s came a-calling for the show itself, rather than for just a superb acting), but I’m dismayed to see that one of it’s opponents is “Saturday Night Live.”

Pardon my language, but are you f**king kidding me?  “Saturday Night Live” is mediocre at best, a show that’s only on the air because it’s been around for twenty-five plus years.  It’s consistently obvious that it’s outlived it’s usefulness.  When you have the internet providing a wide array of homegrown shorts and Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert mocking the news every night of the week, it’s near impossible for the “SNL” format to really make much news anymore.  The only time they manage to make headlines is when Justin Timberlake guest stars — or their old stars, like Will Ferrel, Tina Fey or Maya Rudolf, do guest impersonations.

Don’t even get me started on Andy Samberg, who appears to have had all of the comedic talent in his bloodstream extracted approximately three years ago.  The first and last hilarious digital short he put together was “Chronicles of Narnia.” Period.  “Laser Cats,” really? “Space Olympics?” Okay, he did “Dick in a Box” but that was with…oh, right…Justin Timberlake.

Even if you think Andy Samberg still retains an iota of comedic talent, and you believe Weekend Update hasn’t been woefully boring for many years, you must, at the least, concede that “Saturday Night Live” in it’s current incarnation doesn’t stand up to seasons past.  Whereas “Lost” has literally been  a game-changing television show — they’ve helped to rewrite what it means to be a TV show with a fan base (J.J. Abrams set up DarkUFO for goodness sake, so his fans could comment), and taken so much excellent science fiction and fantasy literature (from all books, TV, and movies) to put together what is really a phenomenal production.

To compare the two is to criminal.

And as a post script, I’ll add that “Battlestar Gallactica,” “The Shield,” and “Mad Men” have all been critical hits, the latter two also commercial hits, which equally do not deserve to be compared to the crap that is “Saturday Night Live” in 2009.

One additional word about “SNL.” I do mildly appreciate Bill Hader, largely because of a sketch around Halloween in which he pretended to be a vampire holding a Halloween party.  But, if I recall correctly, the best part of that sketch was when Jon Hamm (of the above mentioned “Mad Men” came to the party as an overly flamboyant gay sailor or something like that).


One response to “The Good News and the Bad News

  1. My guess is that SNL is being mentioned because of the Election skits, particularly with Tina Fey, and then the Will Ferrel return. But of course these are all people who have left SNL

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