Hypocrisy Alert

For a guy with a PhD in Modern European History, from Tulane no less, Newt’s rejection of all things global seems oddly hypocritical:

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And therein is the reason why Gingrich’s escapades are so infuriating.  Here’s a guy who holds a doctorate in history (European history!) who is undoubtedly intelligent and well-traveled — who “knows better.”  But in order to rile up the Republican base, in order to contrast his party to that of Barack Obama, he adopts a faux-ignorant-American persona, he throws on his Sarah Palin hat for the evening and says insipid things.  He pretends that being “a citizen of the world” means wishing you lived in a totalitarian regime or giving credence to dictatorships.  It’s patently ridiculous and he knows it.

Being a citizen of the world is understanding that despite the differences between us, we are all human beings.  If you live in a country where you aren’t afforded the same freedoms I am, I feel for you and I hope that we can work together as a global community to bring about positive change for all people.  Not just for the rich, white, old men who dominate the Republican party.

When Sarah Palin opens her mouth and says silly things, I tend to ignore her.  She’s proven herself to be really unprepared to handle nuance and complex issues.  So if she sets to talking about “real America” and “global citizenship” I tune her out.  But Gingrich is a wholly different beast, the worst kind of double-talker, who is perfectly happy to talk up his intellectual and worldly bonafides when the company is right, but will throw that all under the bus for applause — and to criticize Obama, whose ability to far to stay above the fray, the nasty fray Gringrich likes to wade in, is obviously getting under his skin.


One response to “Hypocrisy Alert

  1. I think you give Gingrich way too much credit. I don’t think he is nearly as smart as the world seems to think. There are a lot of dumb PhD’s. After all he was only working at West Georgia, and probably couldn’t get tenure there.


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