Fascinating in Food

The Atlantic’s newish Food Channel, headed up by connoisseur and food author Corby Kummer, has quickly become one of my favorite places to get my daily dose of foodie.  It’s helped by the fact that it seems to not be too elitist and or too crunchy.  Which is to say that it’s sort of equal parts local and organic and gourmet with a healthy dose of reality and the occasional delicious, processed food item.

(Sorry, it’s hard to not be cynical about all things local, organic, and sustainable when you live in a place that prides itself on being all three of those things, all of the time.  Sometimes you want nachos with thicky goopy cheese and tomatoes on top, even if the cheese is processed and the tomato is from Chile.)

Anyway, James McWilliams has posted a piece about a potential breakthrough in wine technology, which could eliminate or reduce headaches that occur from wine drinking.  The catch? The technology is a GMO, a genetically modified organism, which is sort of the opposite of the age-old art of wine-making.  But come on, everyone wants to drink wine and avoid the headaches, GMOs or not.  At least that’s my opinion.  I would happily pick up a bottle of wine that contains such a cure all (and have probably already done so without knowing it — according to McWilliams some vintners “illegally” use GMOs in their wine, since the use of GMOs is forbidden according to the wine making code, at least in California and in many other countries).  I can see not wanting all wines to be modified, certainly, but it would be nice to have the option in the store, in the same way you can choose to by organic or whatever.

It would at least be fun to do a taste/headache test.  A few nights in a row you try out some wines and see how you’re feeling a few hours later?


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