Hotlanta and Other Things

Dave Eggers is hands down my favorite living writer*, who somehow manages to capture so adroitly the intersection between the universe’s beauty and its misery.  And, happily, he’s got a new book coming out, a straight nonfiction story this time, about a New Orleans family and their experience during Hurricane Katrina.  Eggers spoke to The Rumpus about the book, titled Zeitoun.

The new movie Away We Go, starring Maya Rudolph and John Krasinski, was also written by Eggers, ,together with his wife, Vendela Vida).  I’m eager to see it, but it hasn’t been released in southeast Ohio as yet.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the local arthouse theatre will get it soon, or that it’s playing in D.C. when we visit next week, because it looks fantastic.  And so Eggers-appropriate.

If you are looking for a gateway into Eggers, you can’t beat his first book, A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius or, for that matter, his second book, You Shall Know Our Velocity.  I’ll just stop there or I’ll end up reciting his entire catalog (which is considerable, when you add in the various small projects his worked on with his brother and other collaborators, and the McSweeney’s publications, which are also great).

*Zadie Smith is also fantastic, but I didn’t dig her last book, On Beauty, as much as I loved White Teeth.  Her piece in the New York Review of Books, based on her lecture on language and politics at the New York Public Library, however, was second-to-none.


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