Your Morning Cup of B.S.

The right-wing reaction to the DHS report from a few months ago was in distaste and really ridiculous.  If you are a conservative Republican and you think that the DHS report citing possible violence from “far-right extremists” was in any way impugning you, you are crazy and disingenuous.

But if you are Joe Scarborough, who seems to be both of those things nowadays, you are allowed to say things like that because you are one of the so-called “sane” Republicans, bipartisan and clever enough to do your bloviating from MSNBC rather than Fox News.

He said this morning that his problem with the DHS report was that it “targeted” people on the right-wing and veterans. Well that’s just patently ridiculous.  The report wasn’t “targeting” anyone.  It was pointing out possible groups among which danger and violence might be lurking.  The extremists were the one’s doing the targeting! Steve Benen points out just how wrong Scarborough is on this point:

Scarborough can keep saying that, but it doesn’t make it true. In our reality, DHS warned of a possible resurgence among extremist groups that “will attempt to recruit and radicalize returning veterans in order to exploit their skills and knowledge derived from military training and combat.” The document, initiated by a Bush administration official, relied in part on a 2008 report from the FBI, for the Bush administration, which raised identical concerns.

Republicans might feel like Scarborough is their great hope, the only not-crazy one in the bunch, but he’s just as confused as everyone else.  He just had the good sense to start distancing himself from the uber-crazies a few years ago, rather than last fall.  Now the problem is that he is given an undeserved platform to say whatever he wants, simply because his show is on a “liberal network.”

It’s moments like this that I feel no matter how many battles we win, we’re always going to lose the war.  Sorry for the mini-depression.


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