A Rose By Any Other Name

No wonder I’m so confused.  Every place I’ve lived calls that fizzy stuff with caffeine something different.  In Westchester they call it soda.  Atlantans call it Coke.  And Midwesterners call it pop.

Washington, DC is heavily in the soda camp as well, which must be why I feel so at home there.

There are a few bright green places on the map.  What on earth do you call it if not soda, Coke, or pop?

I’d like also to see the sneaker v. tennis shoe rundown.  Or change for gym v. dressing out.  Are there other ways to say those things that I’m as yet unaware of?



One response to “A Rose By Any Other Name

  1. Leena Sidhu

    I call all athletic footgear, “running shoes.” Geo-linguistically significant? Unclear.

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