Together Again

I am hardly qualified to say much about Ted Kennedy.  It should suffice to write that Dave are the political spirits that we are thanks, in no small part, to being inspired by what the Kennedy’s stood for.  There’s been a lot of tearing up around the house this week, but this, from a story in the Independent about Ted’s last days, just really did me in:

“This is someone who had a fierce determination to live, but who was not afraid to die,” Bill Delahunt, a Democrat Congressman elected from the Hyannis district, told The New York Times. “And he was not afraid to have a lot of laughs until he got there.”

Once there, Mr Delahunt said, Mr Kennedy was looking forward to being reunited with the slain brothers to tell them: “I did it; I carried the torch. I carried it all the way.” As he did.

Emphasis mine. I’m not one prone to thinking about heaven.  I barely believe in god.  But it makes a lovely image, Ted Kennedy greeting his three brothers, after all these years — telling them that, even though they couldn’t do it, he did.  For them.  And for us.  Just the thought brings tears to my eyes.


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